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Shoulder arthroscopy, Shoulder resurfacing & replacement, Reverse shoulder replacement are offered at affordable cost. Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam

Shoulder Conditions-

I treat the following shoulder problems-
1) Osteoarthritis
2) Rheumatoid arthritis
3) Recurrent shoulder dislocations
4) Rotator cuff injuries
5) SLAP lesions.
6) Shoulder stiffness
6) Shoulder fractures

Shoulder Procedures

1) Shoulder replacements- When arthritis pain becomes debilitating, shoulder replacement and resurfacing are permanent treatments. Shoulder resurfacing is a bone preserving alternative. I was the first surgeon to do Shoulder resurfacing in Chennai. See here. I have performed the first combined metal and stem cell biological resurfacing in the world. 
A reverse shoulder replacement is a very useful procedure in cases of bone and soft tissue loss. I am one of the few surgeons to have done this procedure in India. I got trained in these advanced procedures in the UK and Belgium.
2) Arthroscopic Bankart repair- I perform arthroscopic Bankart repair or Latarjet procedure for recurrent shoulder dislocation.
3) Rotator cuff repair- I perform arthroscopic and mini open repair. 
4) PRP & Stem cell treatment of partial and complete rotator cuff tears and other shoulder conditions.
5) Arthroscopic repair for SLAP lesions.
6) Resistant cases of frozen shoulder are advised arthroscopic release or manipulation under anesthesia (MUA).
7) In severe fractures, replacement a hemi-arthroplasty or a reverse shoulder replacement) may be needed.

Reverse shoulder replacement  is done for shoulder arthritis resulting from massive rotator cuff tears. It is also indicated in severe 3 and 4 part proximal humeral fractures with comminution and bone loss.  It reverses the position of the ball and socket in the shoulder. It requires high level of experience to perform this procedure. See this news report.

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Arthroscopic bankart

Key hole Bankart repair


Frozen shoulder release

Shoulder resurfacing implant

Shoulder resurfacing implant


About Us

Dr AK Venkatachalam
Your Shoulder Surgery in India costs considerably less than private surgery in the UK, Canada, USA and Middle east
Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam, MS, DNB, FRCS, MCh. Orth is an orthopedic surgeon in Chennai, India. He treats common shoulder disorders through shoulder arthroscopy and minimal invasive methods. Besides this he also specializes in hip and knee replacements, key hole surgery and trauma. Operations are performed in a super specialty hospital. Dr.Venkatachalam performs the following shoulder procedures.

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