Frozen shoulder treatment with therapy and stem cells.

Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a condition characterized by global stiffness of the gleno humeral joint. Diabetes is a big risk factor. However in non diabetics, other degenerative conditions of the structures within the shoulder joint can give rise to a secondary frozen shoulder. These are partial rotator cuff tears, biceps tendonitis, labral tears, fractures etc. In the MRI below one can identify the pathology. There is thickening of the inferior joint capsule and degeneration of the labral attachment at the top. This is a case of secondary frozen shoulder. A new non invasive treatment is available in my practice to release stiffness in an accelerated manner. Following full mobilization, I propose to inject stem cells into the damaged tendons and labrum. See for more information about shoulder stiffness.

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Sports injuries treatment India | Stem cell treatment Chennai

Sports injuries treatment India | Stem cell treatment Chennai.
Do you want sports injuries treatment India? I offer Stem cell treatment Chennai.
In the picture below there is biceps tendinitis. This is a common sports injury in overhead sports like Javelin, volley ball, cricket etc.
This and other sports injuries around the elbow like golfer’s elbow, triceps tendinitis, biceps tendinitis can be treated with stem cells in my practice.

Sports injury treatment India

Sports injury treatment India

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Reverse Shoulder Replacement India

A Reverse shoulder replacement India restored mobility to a 71 year old lady. She was suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis.

A complex Reverse Shoulder Replacement procedure was undertaken on an Odisha patient at a city-based hospital helping restore mobility. In a release here today, Dr AK Venkatachalam, who specializes in joint replacements and arthroscopy, said Ms P Nair from Bhubaneshwar of Odisha had been suffering from left shoulder pain for the last 15 years due towidespread rheumatoid arthritis.   She could not get any relief from Ayurvedic treatment. CT and MRI scans showed advanced bone and soft tissue destruction from the rheumatoid arthritis.
Rheumatoid arthritis affects all the synovial joints ultimately leading to joint damage and bony destruction.
As the bony destruction was advanced, Dr A K Venkatachalam decided on the basis of the scan reports to perform a Reverse Shoulder Replacement “which was her only option.”
He performed the surgery that took nearly two and half hours.
Earlier in 2008, he had performed bilateral knee replacements to help her to walk. In a reverse shoulder replacement, the surgeon is faced with extensive damage to the rotator cuff, joint and bones. The rationale is instead of relying on the rotator cuff tendons to initiate movement, the surgeon relies on the Deltoid muscle to initiate lifting of the arm. The normal position of the ball in a shoulder joint is at the upper end of the arm bone while the socket is at the outer end of the shoulder blade.  In this operation, the position of the two is reversed with the ball being shifted to the shoulder blade and the socket to the upper end of the arm bone.  The center of rotation is shifted more outward and this makes the Deltoid muscle more effective, he claimed. The back side of the un-cemented ball is coated with a ceramic material to allow osseo-integration by the patient’s own bone. The ball will biologically integrate with her shoulder blade. The socket is cemented into the arm bone. He said the patient had recovered well and will be discharged in a day.  She will be totally pain free and recover full mobility after a course of physical therapy, Dr Venkatachalam said.  The total cost of the surgery, which was done at a private hospital in the city, worked out to nearly Rs 4 lakh, he added.

UNI GV GM 1638

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PRP injection treatment of collar bone arthritis

PRP injection relieved this young man’s shoulder pain. He was suffering from collar bone arthritis from years of Gymming and sports. He had tried other treatments before. Finally before going in for surgery, he has decided to try out PRP injections. See the procedure and his story here. Visit

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Result of Rotator cuff repair Chennai, India

Rotator cuff repair Chennai, India. See result at 3 months.
Do you suffer from shoulder pain after an injury? It might be a rotator cuff tear. The rotator cuff is a group of tendons in the shoulder that aid in lifting your arm. When they are damaged, you will feel pain and will be unable to lift the arm.
Minimal invasive rotator cuff repair will give you pain relief and restore movements.
See how this middle aged man has made good recovery at 3 months.  e mail- Visit

Rotator cuff repair Chennai

Movement at 3 months after surgery

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Rotator cuff repair India -Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam patient story

A patient narrates his experience of rotator cuff repair India done by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam. He underwent a rotator cuff repair. His condition has improved by surgery followed by physio-therapy. Rotator cuff repairs occur as a result of falls/ accidents in young people. In the elderly, they are degenerative in origin. Pain is the main symptom. A rotator cuff repair suceeds in alleviating pain.

Visit for more information.

To get this procedure for yourself- e mail-


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Rotator cuff repair India- Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam does it in Chennai

Do you or your relative need a Rotator cuff repair India? Can’t find a surgeon to do it in your town? Rotator cuff tears occur after domestic falls or in the work spot. Untreated, the patient is unable to lift his arm. The shoulder may become stiff and arthritis later. Surgical repair relieves paind and restores function to a great degree. Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam offers this procedure in Chennai. He performs key hole surgery to observe the shoulder joint and shave bone. Later the repair is done by a mini open method. Watch this South African lawyer’s testimonial. See more testimonials and procedures at

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Shoulder resurfacing in India relieves South African’s arthritis

South African lady narrates her experience of double shoulder resurfacings by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam in Chennai, India. If you too want a shoulder replacement or resurfacing at an affordable cost in India, please e mail us at

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Shoulder surgery India | key hole surgery Chennai

Shoulder surgery India

Shoulder surgery India

Listen to Indian patient experience of shoulder surgery in Chennai. Mr. AK from Vizagapatnam got prompt pain relief by key hole Shoulder surgery performed by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam in Chennai, India. His chronic suffering was relieved in one day by key hole surgery. He is happy with the outcome and can return to his job abroad with confidence. Visit to see how shoulder surgery can help you too.

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Shoulder operations performed by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam, India

Watch shoulder operations performed by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam of

If you need a shoulder key hole surgery for shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff tear, frozen shoulder or athritis, e mail us

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